Technical and Incubation Helpdesk

Troubleshooting made fast and easy

What if a problem arises and you need an expert you can rely on immediately? A dedicated and experienced team of Petersime Helpdesk Engineers is available at the Petersime
headquarters as well as at the local Petersime Sales & Service Offices to solve problems and answer questions from customers and agents around the world.

  • Technical and Incubation Engineers specially trained for remote troubleshooting answer questions and solve problems remotely

  • Your Engineer is your personal single point of contact for your specific region and country, making him/her directly accessible, allowing Petersime to
    understand your specific needs much better

  • If on-site assistance and problem solving is required, the Helpdesk engineers work very closely with a professional team of Petersime Global Technical Supervisors, Field Service Engineers and Hatchery Development Specialists, located in
    various locations around the world

  • Thorough follow up and recommendations