Technical Audit

Maximize your business continuity

Insufficient maintenance, staffing changes or inadequate calibration procedures can compromise your profitability, sometimes without you even noticing it. A Technical Audit ensures that your incubators and HVAC equipment operate at maximum efficiency.

This not only ensures consistent quality of your day-old chicks, poults or ducklings, it also minimizes maintenance costs, the downtimes generated by failures and the number of

spare parts required.

  • Detailed inspection of your equipment by a certified Petersime Global Technical Supervisor

  • He/she makes an action plan and goes through the hatchery together with your maintenance manager. As this is a joint effort, it is also a learning opportunity for the maintenance manager

  • Final report with a checklist of the status of your equipment, the actions undertaken and action points to be taken by your technical staff

  • Additional on-site training for staff, so they know exactly how to operate and program the incubator controllers, how they can maintain the incubator and HVAC hardware and how to conduct future technical audits independently

  • Gets you started with good preventive
    maintenance practices
    to maximize your
    hatchery’s results and to minimize your operational costs