Hatchery Performance Audit

Maximize your incubation results and chick quality

You have been obtaining very good results so far. (Of course, you bought Petersime equipment.) But how can you take your results even further? During the Hatchery Performance Audit, a Petersime Hatchery Development Specialist visits your hatchery, providing expert advice, support and advanced training on-site to maximize your incubation results and your chick quality.

  • A Petersime Hatchery Development Specialist screens and records every stage of the process, from egg arrival to chick departure

  • He/she checks the quality of the received eggs

  • Verifies if the room conditions are optimal in every area of the hatchery

  • Analyses flock performance data to identify factors outside the hatchery that may influence overall performance

  • Fully reviews the incubator performances

  • Inspects your chick quality

  • Analyses your unhatched eggs and hatch debris

  • Formulates advice on any adjustments needed to bring your hatch results to top level

  • Advanced hands-on incubation training on-site for staff on incubator programming, chick quality assessments and hatch break-out analysis

  • Further remote support from Petersime’s Customer Service Centre