Project Engineering

Designing the most profitable hatchery

The efficiency, bio-security and profitability of your hatchery stands or falls with your engineering plans. Petersime has been specialising in designing hatcheries for 50 years, leading to the most profitable hatcheries in the long run.

  • Plans for incubators, HVAC and turnkey

  • Best suited to your needs, wishes and

  • Plans for sewerage, floor insulation, air ducts, piping for cooling water, compressed air and water supply,
    electrical distribution, alarm and network cables are standard included

  • Engineered down to the tiniest detail, in 3D, so no misunderstandings can arise, nothing can collide with the existing structure and everything is
    installed correctly and smoothly

  • Every type of equipment ordered is delivered in a complete package, down to the last screw. Just unpack and start installing