Hatchery Guidance Programme

Fully operational in no time

Once the installation is finished, the next few months are a hectic time for the hatchery manager and his technical staff as they need to adjust to new equipment and new processes. The Hatchery Guidance Programme guides you through this transition period so your hatchery is fully operational in no time.

  • Single-stage Incubation Training

  • On-site assistance with the first sets and hatches for excellent results from the start

  • Additional on-site training for the hatchery
    manager and his/her staff

  • Recommendations for the next setting

  • Detailed report with to-dos for both Petersime and hatchery staff

  • Remote supervision and recommendations to maximize your results by a team of Technical and Incubation Helpdesk Engineers

  • Possibility of continuing the service with
    Operational Excellence™ Programme