Technical and Incubation Intervention

Fast interventions for specific problems

Do you have a specific problem and need someone to fix it? Your nearest Petersime

Helpdesk Engineer will consider the problem and walk you through some troubleshoot hints and instructions to solve it. However, if this proves insufficient, a certified Petersime

Field Service Engineer or Hatchery Development Specialist will fix the issue on-site after consulting with you.

  • Fast interventions

  • For technical issues: repair of equipment in case of breakdown, software updates, maintenance advice

  • For incubation related issues: troubleshooting incubation and hatch programs, embryo diagnosis, chick quality analysis, incubation training

  • By the best qualified Field Service Engineers and Hatchery Development Specialists, selected on their skills to resolve your specific issue

  • According to Petersime’s high quality service standards to maximize your profit for life

  • Afterwards, a service report is drawn up so your Petersime Helpdesk Engineer can follow up your hatchery further to maximize your profit for life