Hatchery Management Training

Take your hatchery’s results to the next level

Your hatchery manager and his/her assistants are already experienced in running a hatchery and they know how to program the incubation equipment. However, you would like to take your hatchery’s results to the next level.

  • Hatchery Development Specialists offer a broad range of practical advice and tools to improve the bio-security, quantity and quality of your day-old chicks, poults or ducklings in a welfare friendly way

  • Including hatch troubleshooting session, where you get the chance to analyse different case studies

  • Including an advanced hatch break-out session

  • Ample room for discussion and questions

  • The training lasts three days and takes place in the Petersime Customer Centre in Belgium

  • Trainees receive a Petersime Hatchery Management Training certificate

  • Can be customised on request

Topics addressed:

  • Embryonic requirements

  • Points of attention during the pre-incubation phase

  • How to maintain the optimal cellular levels in
    case of prolonged storage

  • Heating, ventilation and cooling: how to perform the preventive maintenance, what are the most important factors in HVAC, which different systems are best

  • The detection of the hatching triggers by

  • Chick quality assessment